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Every day, about twenty US veterans commit suicide- almost one per hour.

Childhood trauma and neglect blocks and erodes one’s sense of safety, value, and belonging, leading to feelings of fear, shame, anger, and despair. Violence and isolation can result. Military trauma may add survivor guilt and dehumanization to the mix. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is too often the result.

Behesha Doan and Kelley Hails understand the power of The Work in healing trauma through their personal experiences of questioning their own stressful beliefs. Through inquiry, they had a different experience- a kinder, gentler, and more trusting experience- of reality.

Behesha founded This Able Veteran in 2011. This Able Veteran is a non-profit organization that empowers veterans suffering from PTSD to take back their lives and thrive. This Able Veteran helps them reintegrate into society with a unique skills-based Trauma Resiliency Program and the partnership of a service dog with specialty nightmare interruption and anxiety alerts at their side.

Kelley joined her in 2018, as the Trauma Resiliency program began to be more focused around The Work. This Able Veteran’s Trauma Resiliency program has expanded from three weeks to a year-long program of self-discovery in a supportive group environment. Through mindfulness practices, emotional awareness, and The Work, the veterans are supported in regaining trust, connection, and freedom in their own lives, discovering their self-value, and finding their way home to themselves with each other and their canine companions at their side.

If you would like to volunteer, support or get involved in our mentoring program or fundraising, we are happy to connect with you.

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