The Chinese-speaking Association for The Work of Byron Katie


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We are happy to introduce the Chinese-speaking Association for The Work of Byron Katie, which brings The Work to the Chinese-speaking communities who may otherwise be unable to learn it directly from Byron Katie due to language or geographical constraints.  

Chinese-speaking Certified Facilitators co-founded The Chinese Association for The Work (CTW), a not-for-profit organization registered in California in 2019, open to all Chinese-speaking audiences worldwide.

Making courses and programs available in Chinese is the foremost task for CTW. Certified Facilitators work extensively to encourage an authentic, open, and vulnerable environment. In addition to training programs, we host monthly The Work events for all members and quarterly free events for the public.

Altogether, we have fostered around 18 Facilitators and Associate Facilitators who have at least 200-400 hours of practice in The Work. Through their dedication, they share The Work in their respective communities. You can meet them here. Our members are spread across several cities throughout China, Southeast Asia, Europe, and the U.S., serving non-English speakers.  

The founder of The Work, Byron Katie, supported a live online event where we announced the birth of CTW to a Chinese audience in Shanghai, China. You can get a glimpse in this short video and watch Byron Katie facilitating a participant during this bilingual event in this video.

If you have Chinese-speaking friends who may be interested in The Work, please direct them to CTW here. We would be happy to welcome them.

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