Principles for Facilitators

I Agree to:

  1. hold the space with the four questions and turnarounds, and use the questions effectively and appropriately.
  2. listen authentically to the thoughts, vulnerability, and self-awareness of my client and of myself.
  3. know that each person who comes to me is wise, and will find their own answers, the ones that are true for them.
  4. bring my client and myself back to the specific situation and one-liner any time they (or I) wander away from the questions; and to remind us that The Work stops working any time they (or I) move into “because,” “but,” justification, defense, or other topics.
  5. refrain from interfering with my client’s Work by teaching, pushing, or moving away from the four questions and turnarounds through advice or therapy.
  6. work with my own thoughts and Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheets whenever I possibly can, by myself and/or with a facilitator.
  7. serve myself by sharing The Work with others.


Marlin Kontje

Alchemy + Aim