Marketing Guidelines

Your Website and Social Media Sites

When sharing The Work of Byron Katie on your website or social media sites, please link to the copyrighted, Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet, at

  • Linking your site to will allow your visitors to download the most current materials for doing The Work and will give them access to a variety of other resources, including information about the Do The Work Helpline, the School for The Work, ITW, and its Certified Facilitator profiles, audio and free YouTube videos, and much more.
  • Do not make the Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet or other copyrighted material available directly on your website. Instead, link from your site so that people can download the Worksheet and other material directly from
  • These copyrighted documents have been made available to you and your clients free of charge, and you may copy content from this site for non-commercial personal use or educational use only, provided that each copy includes the copyright, trademark, or other proprietary notice as it appears, without modification or alteration by you. Please do not add or subtract any information from these materials.
  • You may include the content (in entirety) from the “Code of Ethics” and the “Principles for Facilitators” on your website, provided that you include a link to wherever you include these items.
  • To avoid misleading or confusing people who come to your website, it’s important that our founder Byron Katie’s photos be used in a way that primarily associates her with The Work. Please don’t use photos of you and her, to imply that you are special, beyond others. Use as many of her book covers as you wish, please be careful not to give yourself unfair leverage over others within ITW.

Facebook and Forums

We kindly request that you honor the open and focused space on the Institute for The Work member forum and Facebook event groups (School, No-Body, etc.) by not posting your events on these pages. There is another Facebook page available for events called “Retreats, Telecourses, Meetups for The Work of Byron Katie.”

BKI Materials

All official materials on are copyrighted materials and are the property of Byron Katie, Inc. and/or Byron Katie International Inc. All documents may be used, provided that the copyright information remains intact on each page. Byron Katie requests that the materials offered to you free of charge are offered by you at no charge. No one is granted permission to use any exercise from the School for The Work, for example, no one is granted, without written permission, to use any exercise from the School that would give away the surprises of the School, such as: the Safety Deposit Exercise (a.k.a. the Surrender Exercise or Dreaded List), Love Story, Men and Women, Behind the Back, Newspaper Story, Find an Object, Prejudice, the outing, etc.

If you use any of the exercises found on the Sharing School Exercises page on the Institute for The Work of Byron Katie site, please be sure that the BKI copyright is visible and that the exercise remains unaltered.

BKI Heart Logo

The heart logo and the Certified Facilitator’s logo are the legal property of Byron Katie, Inc. and/or Byron Katie International, Inc. and may not be used without written permission from BKI.


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