Certified Facilitator Events


We will meet our version of “MOTHER”, do The Work on them, and meet the mother you do have.

Self-Love Series (6 Weeks)

Ready for a little more self-lovin’ in your life? Start your new year with a playful, intimate journey into unraveling the BS (Belief Systems) that blocks you from rocking your natural state of peace, joy, and creativity. “Just keep coming home to yourself. You are the one you’ve been waiting for.” -Byron Katie

Do The Work Basic Class 101

If you are new to The Work, this would be the perfect class for you.
You will:
Learn to Write a Worksheet that you can take to inquiry
Understand what we are looking for in each question
Learn about different turnarounds
Learn to find examples that is true for you
Learn how to facilitate another person with The Work

Trivial Pursuits: Sweating the Small Stuff

In this two-day event, we will explore the trivial disturbances in our daily lives; thoughts that we brush under the carpet or dismiss as not a big deal.


“He doesn’t care about me,” “if they changed my life would be better,” “I need her,” “if I just found `the one’ I would be happy”…

Do any of these statements ring true for you? If you’re looking to experience more peace in your romantic relationship with a partner (whether with you, apart, dead, or imaginary!) then HEART SCHOOL is for you!


Marlin Kontje

Alchemy + Aim