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eCourses are virtual small group settings offered by dedicated and experienced ITW trainers, with a curriculum and format for questioning our beliefs with the four questions of The Work. 

  • Topic-Based eCourse is the recommended starter course for new members.
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback eCourse is an opportunity to become more transparent, uncensored, and kind.
  • Power of Turnarounds eCourse is an invitation to test out and take risks as we explore turnarounds.
  • Working with Feedback eCourse is an adventurous deep dive into feedback and how it shows us our underlying motives. 
  • Helpline eCourse serves as the Helpline volunteer qualification process.

One-For-One Partnering

This unique and powerful One-for-One program offers the opportunity to step into your own practice of inquiry with a partner.

The Work for Breakfast

Sundays from 9:00 to 10:30 AM Pacific Time on Zoom. Come with a filled-in Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet or a concept to question. You will be automatically paired with another ITW community member to do The Work exchanging facilitations. A beautiful weekly practice.

Certified Facilitator Virtual and In-Person Events

It is our experience that these Certified Facilitators and their curriculum will support you to go deeper in your practice of self-realization, toward peace and a kinder world.

Institute for The Work Newsletters 

Newsletters share upcoming events and news within ITW.

The Work in The World

Shares experience, actions, and connections with the Worldwide Community of The Work.

Discussion Forums

The Members’ forum is a place for open community discussions, exchanging ideas, and sharing insights. The One-for-One forum is where members request and can find partners to do The Work.

ITW was founded as a way to provide its members with a daily practice of inquiry and to strengthen their life of clarity and compassion. This is the key to happiness: Be kind to each entity that peoples your inner world. Each day, if you become aware of any lack of kindness, identify it, write it down, and question it and any other judgment that opposes your kindest nature.” bk

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